Creative Machining, Documented Precesion

Our modern, high-performance CNC machinery, together with our highly qualified staff, form the bach-bone of our mechanical manufacturing capacity for precision parts.

We can machine all standard commercial stainless structural steels, tool steels and special steels, as well as stainless materials. Furthermore, we are competent in working with aluminium, non-ferrous metals and plastics. We maintain our own wellstocked materials store. This allow us quick access to materials at all times.

As befits our objective of being a complete supplier, we offer surface treatments and coatings carried out by competent suppliers, so that we can provide our customers with precision parts that are ready for assembly into their equipment. The availability of a wide range of mechanical machining processes, such as lathe work, drilling, milling, label laser and grinding, allows us to manufacture a wide variety of mechanical parts and supply them to our customers as subassemblies ready for installation.

Our speciality is medium-sized lots with turnaround times of up to four working days.